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The night they walk among us: Trick r’ Treat September 28, 2009

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After a long wait, it’s finally here, the film many horror fans (include myself in that category) was expecting.

Trick r’ Treat is set in Halloween night, and tells us 4 different stories that some way or another, are connected. A group of kids pulling a prank, a virgin looking for the right guy, an old man dealing with a special visitor, and a teacher with a secret, along with some extra scenes that help connecting everything.

Trick R Treat

Creator and creation

The film delivers what it promises, and although it’s an anthology film, the stories are very well managed (well, at times it feels disjointed, but not too often) and the action between them flows perfectly, the action never feels rushed as the director takes his time to develop each of them. The atmosphere were the stories are set is great, there’s always that dark mood and sense of dread, since nothing is what it looks like. This is accompanied by great visual and make up effects, a detail that many modern horror films decide to change for CGI, here it’s almost non existent and it gives the film a nice feeling, it’s always a good thing to see those kind of special effects.

The film also succeeds at creating nice suspense and tension, which is helped by the overall mood of the film. It also has its comedic and cheesy moments, capturing that Halloween feeling perfectly, after all the holiday has a nice mix of those elements.

The words that end the review: This film has everything a horror film asks for, a perfect Halloween movie which captures the mood of the celebration.

The numerical rating value: 9/10



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