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Attack of the Double Feature from Europe: A woman is a woman and Persona September 26, 2009

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One day I realized I haven’t seen enough foreign films, specially from these two famous directors, Jean-Luc Godard and Ingmar Bergman. So I watched A woman is a woman and Persona, disovering two great pieces of filmmaking in the process.

Let’s start the feature with the weird and french movie called A woman is a woman. The plot goes something like this: The stripper Angela (played by the beautiful Anna Karina) wants a baby, but his boyfriend Émile doesn’t so she decides to go with Émile’s friend Alfred to have what she wants

How can I describe this movie? Ridiculous? Silly? Both? Yes, both of them, because it has a little of both, which actually is a good thing. The film is full of weird and funny situations, mainly between the main couple and their fights unleashed by the baby argument. The way Godard builds the whole movie and its characters is great. Sudden cuts, the use of text, the color lights and the situations the characters face, the randomess of some moments, all contribute to the mood of the film, but even though it doesn’t takes itself too seriously, it has time to explore relationships, what can somebody do to demonstrate love to that significant other (even of to means bashing his head in a wall), at times this gives the film some kind seriousness which doesn’t lasts long. But as Émile said “I don’t know if this is a comedy or a drama, but it’s a masterpiece.”

I had a great time watching the film, it’s a lot of fun and delivered more than I expected. Also, the presence of Anna Karina is always very welcome.

The words that end the review: It delivers great moments, its entertainig, original and funny. A great movie.

The numerical rating value: 9/10



Now let’s move into the next movie, which is the total opposite of the previous review. The movie is Bergman’s Persona. It blew my mind.

Persona tells the story of an Elisabeth Vogler (played by Liv Ullman), an actress that entered a semi catatonic state, and her nurse Alma (played by Bibi Andersson). They go to a house by the beach to help Elisabeth get out of her state.

The two characters are alone in that house, and as the film progresses, they start to become one. The whole movie is an exploration of the relationship between the two women, and how the actress becomes the obsession of the nurse, which was there to help but becomes the opposite.

I can describe Persona as an  new experience in film. The whole duration of it went by like 2 minutes, the characters were so interesting that it took my attention and didn’t let me go until the credits were rolling. The relationship just hade me asking for more, I wanted to know what was coming next, how will they be affected as one becomes the other. Let’s not forget the amazing work of Andersson, which makes the whole experience even better. This is one of those films that gets better with a rewatch, when you get things that went unnoticed the first time, and rediscover the ones you already got as we try to find a meaning to all of it.

The words that end the review: I will only use one word: Perfect.

The numerical rating system: 10/10



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