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Never mess with a gypsy: Drag Me to Hell September 8, 2009

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Raimi, Raimi, Raimi, where have youe been? After years of bad horror movies and endless awful remakes (both with a few exceptions) something new was needed, then you make your comeback with this. Awesome.

Since the Evil Dead franchise, Sam Raimi hadn’t made a horror movie. He gained fame with the great Spider Man trilogy and decided to come back to the genre that started his career as a filmmaker. The Evil Dead franchise is remembered byt fans (including myself) for being the perfect combination of dark humor and horror, this can be seen clearer in the second movie, since the first one is more horror and the third one is more comedy.

You see that old lady behind the poor blonde chick? Well, she's a bitch.

You see that old lady behind the poor blonde chick? Well, she's a bitch.

Drag Me to Hell is exactly that, the perfect combination of both horror and comedy. The atosphere in whic the protagonist is placed is very different from those of ED, here we have the monster attacking the girl in the middle of the day, in common and known places full of light. Yet, Raimi succesfully manages to create a sense of dread ans suspense through the film, delivering some great scares along the way.

The comed moments are just as effective as the scary ones, and at times they come one after another. We are scared and then we laugh, perfect combination. Raimi knows exactly how and when to do this to make those moments more effective. There’s also a lot of cartoonish violence that remined me of ED II, which makes the film a lot of fun to watch and very entertaining.

The only issues I had with the film was the use of CGI, I prefer horror movies with good make up effects (which it also has). The other one was the main actress, she could have added more charisma to her character. Besides these two points, verything else was fine for me.

And by the way, there’s alos a talking goat.

The words that end the review: With the right amouns of horror and comedy, this movie is sure to entertain. Beleive me when I say that it is a lot of fun to watch.

The numerical rating system: 9/10



1. reservoirdog55 - September 9, 2009

Great Review, Great Film. This may be my favorite horror movie of the decade.

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