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Of murder and fate: Natural Born Killers September 6, 2009

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Natural Born Killers may be one of the most intense, weird and fun experiences I have had while watching movies. Hearing the plot of the movie about a couple who goes into a murder rampage across america, I was expecting something in the lines of Kalifornia, wich has a similar plot, also  it was written by Tarantino (although Stone re wrote it and changed nearly everything), so ther was kind of an image of it in my mind . When the movie started, I realized I was in for a ride, a very bizarre ride.

The whole film is presented as if we were inside the mind of these couple of killers, the whole film feels as if we were living a fantasy, the look, feel and editing, all contribute to this. We suddenly change to black and white, there are images appearing out of nowhere, constant cuts, the camera angles, etc. create the mood of the film perfectly making some moments a lot of fun to watch and very entertaining,  a great example of this is the prison mutiny scene. Sadly, the whole frenetic pacing and constant cuts make the film annoying at times.

The film plays as a satire and a criticism to violence and media. There are no villians nor heroes, everyone here is, in their own way, both. It deals, in it’s own over the top and unserious way, with how amercia and the media make serial killers icons, how they transform them into heroes, but when things turn around, they start calling those idols monsters.  

The acting here is excellent, veryone from the protagonis Harrelson and Lewis, to Downey and Lee Jones )Lee Jones was my favorite) give great performances that go according to the general mood of the film, they go into full crazy mode.

The words that end the review: Over the top, fast paced, violent and fun. This words describe this critic to violence, Its only sin is that it fells into annoyance at times.

The numerical rating system: 8/10



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