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The new shape of evil: Halloween August 31, 2009

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With the recent release of the new Halloween movie and the fact that I’ve never seen a Rob Zombie’s film, I decided to go out and rent this movie, although some people warned me that this was a horrible, horrible thing to do. As you can guess, I did it anyways.

Before seeing this movie I totally erased Carpenter’s movie from my mind. This was to avoid comparisons since this is a remake, we are seeing a different take over the original, and many people compare both, but I didn’t came here to see to original.

I'm sure they are brothers or something.

I'm sure they are brothers or something.

From the beginning we can see that Zombie decided to take this movie from a whole different angle. The film is now centered in Michael and how he became the crazy killer he is now. This may be the strongest part of the film, and I really liked how things turned, here we have a more human Michael, with motives for his killings, he’s not just a blank face anymore, he became something else. We can relate at some point to what the young Michael went through and understand him.

To me this is a great idea from Zombie, it gives the movie a nice twist. I think he went in the right path when recreating the character, but in  the way he missed some really important things that could have improved this film a lot more.

First of all, this movie lacks the most important elements of a horror movie. Suspense and good scares are gone, Zombie just puts some cheap jump scares here and there, he focused to much in telling the story of his villian that he forgot he was making a horror movie. Yes, there’s a lot of blood and killings (those scenes are quite brutal) but it really isn’t enough. At times, specially when Michael finally reaches Laurie, the movie falls flat and becomes boring.

The other big issue I had with the movie was the pacing. After we see all of Michael’s story and he escapes the asylum there are continous cuts. We see Dr. Loomis doing something then we cut to Laurie, then to Michael, then to Loomis again and so on and on. This cuts ruin the pacing, leaving the movie without space for the building of suspense.

Rob Zombie had a great idea in his hands, it looks like he is a capable director but his attention was caught up in other things. I really hope that H2 is an improvement over this.

The words that end the review: Halloween is wasted potential, a great take on Michael’s story was ruined by a poor execution.

The numerical rating system: 6/10



1. reservoirdog55 - September 4, 2009

Pretty good review. I agree about the pacing. It was a messy horror film. I do like RZ’s Halloween and I think it has it’s moments but I think they are too far inbetween. I love the first two acts. There is a deep building of isolation and imprisonment to this place that he has to stay and it’s almost like he has to kill to get out. I think the third act is where the film falters. This isn’t a good thing. I truly feel that if a film has a terrible first and second act then the third act can save it but if it’s the opposite then the film can become bad. Great Review I would probably give it the same score and review it similarly.

2. kiddoinspace - September 5, 2009

The whole Michael thing made the best parts of the movie, I find the part where he shows the photo to Laurie a touching moment and it develops the charatcer greatly.
Therw were aloso some weird moments, like when loomis cnfronts him but doesn’t get killed, even though Michael killed everyone who crossed his path.

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