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Songs from a bloody future: Repo! The Genetic Opera August 30, 2009

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Before starting this review I must confess you something, I’m a sucker for this kind of movie.

Last night I decided to rewatch this movie, for a long time I’ve wanted to watch it since the whole concept of Repo! and the way it looked was very appealing to me, my only doubts about it was the musical side of it since musicals aren’t my favorite genre.

The story of Repo! The Genetic Opera goes something like this: In a not so distant future the world is plagued by a sudden wave of organ failures, everyone is in danger an a lot of people is dying. Then GeneCo is created, for a fair price they will replace your organs but if you don’t pay the Repo man will come back for it.

As you can see the concept is quite original, and is in this plot where the stories of all our charcters develop. We have the young sick child Shilo who just wants to see the world, her father Nathan who has a double life as a doctor and a Repo Man, Rotti Largo the founder of GeneCo who needs a new heir and Blind Mag GeneCo’s official spokewomen. These are our main characters, all their stories will cross and a good amount of drama (and gore) ensues.

The backstory for them is presented to us in a different way, here we see a series of “comics” telling us what happened 17 years ago. I felt this method a s a cheap way for presenting part of the story, but since the whole movie is sung (hence why it is an opera, don’t expect normal dialougue) that must have been the best way for us to know about the past events.

Luigi (left) and Pavi (right) Largo. Cool characters.

Luigi (left) and Pavi (right) Largo. Cool characters, one is obsessed with female faces the other one is crazy.

For being a movie made entirely out of songs and with no dialogue, the writters did quite a decent job creating and developing characters, there are some interesting people in here, specially in the Largo family (see picture), and the character of the Repo man along with his whole moral struggle is great, one of the film higlights.  The major problem here is that sometimes, when we go from one scene to another the continuity is lost, both scenes feel totally disconnected, and this happens quite often.

Through the 97 minutes of Repo! we are presented with a beautiful looking movie, the sets, costumes and photography look really good, setting the whole dark/gothic mood perfectly, it’s a pleasure to see. All this imagery is accompained by a nice rock soundtrack, songs like Zydrate Anatomy, Chase the Morning (with great Sarah Brightman vocals), Let the mosnter rice, and others provide a great soundtrack.

The words that end the review: Repo! The Genetic Opera is worth seeing, great visual with good music and a decent story. It suffers in the direction department, but the fact that not even Paris Hilton brings this movie down is something good.

The numerical rating system: 8/10



1. reservoirdog55 - August 30, 2009

I do like Repo. It was nominated in my awards last year as guilty pleasure of the year. It didn’t in but I still really like that movie.

kiddoinspace - August 30, 2009

It should have won. I love this movie, it’s a fun ride from start to finish.

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